We’re Online to Extend Your Reach and Improve Your ROI!!

We’re Online to Extend Your Reach and Improve Your ROI!!

GCI is committed to providing Exhibitors with absolutely every online selling advantage available!

Benefit from the latest revolution in sales and marketing communications!


Get started today!

Find out what an Online Trade Show Orlando, FL Photo Booth can do for you!

Ensure your competitive edge – extend your reach!

Take advantage of Full Service Conventions Introductory Online Booth Offer – the GCI IdeaCube™

GCI IdeaCube™ can be all you need for an online trade show booth – or it can be the first building block for an entire campaign. Build a big booth – or populate the show with lots of little booths – it’s up to you!

Your all inclusive IdeaCube™ just needs a few simple items – and then it’s hard at work for you.

Contact Full Service Conventions sales department to provide; show information, your logo, any graphics you’d like to use, contact information and links to any website or product information pages you’d like your viewers to see – and that’s it!

The IdeaCube™ – one low all-inclusive price is a great way to test the market!


There are a number of additional features that can make your online experience even more exciting, competitive, and rewarding!

Keep on reading to find out more!

Expand Your Reach

Scalability is the key. Purchase as many “booths” as you want – create a large graphic look – or locate on multiple floors – or both! It’s easy to ensure your audience finds you!

Each booth is a cube, and each “floor” contains 15 cubes.

To ensure the location you want – and the size you need- book early!

How big is a “cube”? 

Internet designers utilize pixels as their unit of measurement. Each of our cubes is 150 x 150 pixels. You can easily configure your booth size by adding additional booths as required. For example: 150 x 300, 300 x 300, 300 x 600, etc…This allows you to build as much surface area as you need to be sure you stand out from the crowd.

As you look at the booth itself, there is no limit to how many images and website links you can provide – just the size of the cube(s) itself! Create links to your product pages, information documents, streaming video or your entire corporate site. It’s up to you.

The show floor is designed for all internet browsers and has been maximized for easy viewing. Multiple “floors” (pages) are provided for simple, effective navigation while maximizing the number of on-screen booths available to the viewer at a glance.

Each floor features a convenient navigation pane allowing visitors to search via an index of exhibitors, keyword search by product or name, or the option to browse by entire floor.

Topic and product specific chat rooms and forums allow you to meet attendees and exchange ideas – live!
Every floor is designed to deliver a branded marketing message, a message that could be yours! Ask us about sponsorship opportunities today!

All booths can be eCommerce enabled for instant product sales – we’d be happy to show you how!




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