Personal Training

As your personal trainer in Pompano Beach, Avril’s aim will be to help you decide on, and reach your fitness goals. Her one-to-one support will help you in a number of ways:

  • Encouragement

Having someone on hand to encourage you and monitor progress makes training a more enjoyable, and ultimately successful experience.

• Avril will come to your home or office to train you.

This means you don’t have to make a special journey to the gym. Some people find that the fact that Avril is coming helps them not to make excuses on the day. Others have young children and find that training at home avoids having to organise childcare. Also, as you will be training at home or work, you could choose to offset the cost of the training by not paying a gym membership fee.

• Avril will tailor the training to your specific needs

Before you do any training, Avril will spend time with you discussing what you want to achieve from the training sessions, as well as going over your lifestyle and medical background. With that information, she will then design a programme aimed at meeting your goals.

• It’s not just about keep-fit!

Personal training is not necessarily just physical exercise. In many cases, especially if a person’s goals include weight loss or feeling healthier, a rounded balance of exercise, lifestyle changes and nutrition changes will provide the most effective route to success. Avril is qualified to give advice on all of these areas, and the programme that she develops will include advice on nutrition and lifestyle allowing the improvements you make to be permanent.

• Avril is highly qualified

Avril’s original Personal Training diploma required six times as much training as the course offered to Gym Fitness Instructors. Since then she continues to add to her experience with additional obstacle course training salt lake city.

If you feel like you need a back specialist to look at your body before you start our training sessions, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment.


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