Marketing in Pay Per Click Search Engines

You know pay per click search engines (PPC search engines) can be very expensive if you don’t use them effectively. For example, you need to pay US$7.25 per click if you want to get the first position in for keyword “Casino”

To ensure you can get a profit through pay-per-click search engines, you should

  1. Select the right keywords — Highly targeted keywords driving suitable visitors
  2. Ensure that your PPC for law firms is handled.
  3. Write an enticing and effective Title and description for different selected keywords.
  4. Bid the right amount in the right PPC search engines.

It requires EXPERTISE, that is why we offer our pay per click search engine marketing service:

Here is what our professional SEO experts do.

  1. Research and select 80-120 highly targeted keywords for your website. It ensures you can drive the potential customers, and not causal visitors.
  2. Write effective title and description for your pay per click search engine marketing campaign.
  3. Help you open an account in and recommend another pay per click search engines (Recommendation depends on your business nature. Some search engines will be more effective for some industry and less effective for others)
  4. Bid the right amount for your keywords.
  5. Offer another 2 months of free home services marketing consulting about pay per click search engine marketing.


Ordering this premium Pay-Per-Click search engine consulting service is just US$150.




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