Eating Out and Eating Smart

  • Drink a big glass of water before each meal.
  • Plan ahead and order low fat menu choices at your favorite restaurant.
  • Order small and avoid super sizing for the best value.
  • Order simple dishes that are low in fat like grilled halibut and steamed vegetables.
  • Order low fat salad dressing and sauces on the side. Restaurants put tons of dressing or sauces on your meal.
  • Skip appetizers and order your favorite food.
  • Avoid french fries or fried foods, if not order the smallest size.
  • Order a half-portion of the meal or share with a friend. Ask for a take out box and put away half of your meal to avoid large restaurant portion sizes.
  • Start your meals with high fiber foods (fruits or vegetables) which will make you feel full.
  • Use smaller plates to decrease portion sizes.
  • Ask how the food is prepared and make a special request for low fat meals.
  • Slow down, eat slowly, and enjoy your company and your dining experience.

The Center for Science in Public Interest estimates that most meals in restaurants contain over a 1000 calories. If you add on dessert or appetizer you can add on another 500 to 1000 calories extra even with solid jump rope workouts. Keeping track of your food portions doesn’t mean that you should avoid your favorite restaurants. Just try some of these tips, exercise 3-5 days a week for 30 minutes, and watch your waistline drop.


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