Array of Fitness Equipment at a Great Gym


—-Peak Performance offers the latest in fitness technology to bring clients high quality equipment traditionally not found in other fitness centers in fort lauderdale. Below is just a sampling of the equipment found at Peak Performance.

—-Customized Quadruple Cable Crossover System: Custom designed for Peak Performance, it contains 4 completely adjustable cable columns and 4 sets of chinning stations. The steel weight stacks are calibrated to the exact weights, even taking into consideration the loading pins and the mechanical advantage of the pulleys.
—-Pulling Sled: This sled is attached to the athlete around his/her waist as they perform resisted running drills. The sled can be used alone or with the addition of extra weights. Sled work is excellent for developing starting strength as well as increasing an individual�s overall work capacity.
—-Functional Trainer: The Cybex FT 360 is an extremely diversified piece of equipment. The biggest difference between a standard cable crossover system and the FT 360 is the independent action of the arms of the machine. They can be maneuvered in such a variety of positions that the number of exercises that can be performed on it is limitless.
—-Verti-Max Jump Trainer: Used by many collegiate & professional teams for increasing an athlete’s vertical jump as well as first step quickness, the athlete wears a hip harness attached to a series of pulleys and cables.
—-Belt Squat Machine: This machine places the load directly onto the lower extremities without placing any load on the upper back. The athlete wears a belt around his/her hips and the load comes from directly below them and attaches to the belt.
—-Ivanko Competition Bars & Plates: Made of steel and completely encased in a dense rubber, they come in a multitude of colors to help designate the differences in weight. In addition, these Olympic Bumper Plates and bars are calibrated to the exact weight that is denoted.
—-Plyo Boxes: The athlete performs single leg or double leg jumps on, off and over these unique wooden boxes of varying sizes in a predetermined fashion in order to develop power.
—-Reverse Hyperextension Machine: This apparatus allows the user to raise their lower body upward from a hip flexed position. The individual’s torso is stabilized on a pad as the lower body is raised to the same level as their torso.
—-Two Olympic Platforms: Each features a combination of thick rubber flooring flanking a beautiful oak surfacing. These platforms are specially designed for practicing the Olympic Lifts which include the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.
—-Deadlift Platform: This 6’x 8′ platform is utilized for all variations of Deadlifting, including Conventional, Sumo-Style and the Trap Bar method.
—-Full Set of Custom Chains & Bands: The Chains and/or Bands are utilized in conjunction with traditional exercises such a bench pressing and squatting. By attaching the chains and/or bands to the bar prior to performing the exercise, one can change the stimulus of the load and therefore the training effect. These tools are designed for use with an advanced trainee.
—-Eccentric Hooks (weight releasers): These hooks are attached to the ends of the Olympic bar. Additional weights are placed on the hooks so that the athlete experiences an additional load in the descent portion (eccentric action) of the movement. Once the hooks touch the ground they release and the athlete accelerates upward (concentric action) with a lighter load.
—-Dura-Ball Pro Swiss Balls: These are without a doubt the best Swiss Balls on the market. They can safely be utilized in conjunction with weight training as they are designed with an anti-burst system.
—-Scorpion Swiss Ball Bench: Designed specifically for the Swiss Ball, it provides a foot hold position so the athlete can anchor his/her legs while performing dumbbell work or explosive abdominal work with a medicine ball.
—-Medicine Ball Rebounder: A device similar to a mini-trampoline except it can be angled. It provides users with the ability to perform medicine ball tosses by themselves.
—-Professional Boxing/Kick Boxing Equipment: We have a double-ended striking bag plus 4 heavy bags filled with a combination of water and foam, which are gentler on joints. Our products range from Ringside Gloves, Focus Mitts and Bags to Fairtex Muay Thai Training Equipment and are the same tools that the professionals train with.
—-Grip Training Equipment: Peak Performance has a variety of barbell and dumbbells of varying diameters ranging from 1″-2″. In addition, we have various other tools developed for the sole purpose of improving one’s grip.
—-Agility Ladder, Cones & Hurdles: These devices are utilized to develop speed, agility and quickness. By setting these devices up in different patterns or sequences, the athlete performs a series of timed movement patterns.
—-Water Rower: a rowing machine that actually uses water as its resistance instead of air.
—-Incline Trainer: a treadmill designed to go up to a 50 degrees incline and up to 6 MPH.


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