Video Switch

Video Switch

OurĀ  FV-0580 Aerospace Video Switch Unit takes input from up to 4 analogue cameras and produces video streams suitable for viewing on displays such as LCD monitors.


The FV-0580 can provide a variety of functions from security to In-Flight Entertainment (IFE). Its most common application is the distribution of images from security cameras located around the approach to the cockpit door and in adjacent galleys to monitors on the flight deck. This enables the pilots to check who is outside of the door when entry is requested and asses and potential danger or threat before allowing access.


The video streams could just as easily come from external cameras to allow pilots to check on undercarriage deployment or for feeds through to the IFE system either on a passenger airliner


Our video management software allows users to seamlessly view images from any Pembroke Pines smart home installation. Built-in MPEG-4 support provides simultaneous viewing of both JPEG and MPEG-4 video streams. A straight forward drag and drop GUI, together with saved screen views provide the user with an easy to use viewing solution, offering a seamless single user interface to all NetVu Connected products.

It is available as a download from the Dedicated Micros website and is included with all NetVu Connected products.

  • Controls all NetVu Connected video servers and devicesĀ 
  • Mulitscreen layouts in both 4:3 and 16:9 formats
  • Export video to AVI and MPEG-2 formats
  • Simple drag and drop selection of cameras
  • Incident Finder to simplify the process of finding incident related video
  • On-screen map display for quick selection of cameras
  • Reference images assignable to specific cameras
  • Create PDF reports with images, data and comments





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